About Me


My Name is Marcus Lingren and this is my portfolio! Is it okay if I give the speech in first person instead of third?

The portfolio features a sample of my digital art concepts and paintings that should give you an idea of what Im all about.

I’m roughly 23 years old,  I live in the south of Sweden and I have a bachelor´s degree in game graphics.

Right now I work on and off as a freelance artist, but I also work with my own game company, Stormhatt Studios. We recently released our first game called Barmark (swedish word for bare ground). You can get it on Google Play as well as the iTunes store!

Oh and if you just can’t get enough of me and want more of my paintings then my deviantart gallery is just what you need: http://marcodalidingo.deviantart.com/

I work primarely with Photoshop cs6 and it is where my focus lies, but I know my way around several 3d softwares used in game manufacturing such as Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush and Blender.




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